Development Activities in Canada

Role of Resource Development:

Canada is a country with an abundance of natural resources that contribute significantly to its national economy. Resource industries generate jobs, and prosperity for Canadians, accounting for 17% of the gross domestic product and 1.9 million jobs in 2019. The products of these industries also help support the quality of life of Canadians. For example, they provide the energy to heat our homes and a range of commercial products from stainless steel to medical isotopes. The primary natural resource industries in Canada include forestry, fisheries, agriculture, mining and energy, which are supported by the transportation system, which unites our country and connects us to the rest of the world through roads, rail, air and marine travel.

Effects of Development Activities:

Canada benefits from the economic and social outcomes of development activities which can improve our quality of life. However, these activities along with others such as urban growth can result in impacts on the environment, including its social and cultural value. These impacts can also impact the health of people and wildlife. For example, development activities can result in environmental effects such as the clearing of land that can impact wildlife’s ability to use and access habitat and they can also result in pollution that could impact air or water quality. With a wide range of development occurring in Canada, combined with varying degrees of impact over varying periods of time, including the change in natural processes as a result of climate change, there are a number of cumulative effects that can result. Many organizations can be involved in cumulative effects assessment, management and monitoring processes that aim to identify and address these adverse impacts.

For More Information:

The Open Science and Data Platform provides access to information and data on a wide range of topics relevant to development activities, including proposed projects undergoing federal impact assessment processes and publications that provide information about important research being conducted by scientists relevant to these themes. We invite you to explore the topics below to discover the information available: